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About Brandy

Wife. Mom. Preacher. Entrepreneur...

HI! I am Brandy Jones-Mack, a native of Spartanburg, SC. I am a Certified Professional and Christian Life Coach, Professional Branding Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Ordained Minister, Salon Owner, Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, and Author. I assist solopreneurs with identifying, understanding, and growing their personal and professional brand God's way.

Here’s My Story…


I was a teenage mom full of insecurity, lack of self- confidence, and confused about who I was. I lived my life based on how I saw myself and what society felt I should be. I grew up in lack with a poverty mindset. Lived paycheck to paycheck and felt unworthy to receive the things God had for me. With guidance from healthy Christian spiritual mentors, I was able to see myself as God sees me and embrace who He has created me to be. I now have an Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration. I am now a wife, mom, and entrepreneur.


After fighting the call to the beauty industry, I finally decided to embrace my mother's legacy as a hairstylist. I am now the Salon Owner and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner of BJM Hair Revival in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I specialize in rebuilding, restoring, and revitalizing clients' hair and scalp back to its original integrity. I launched BJM Hair Revival Collection in 2021. The collection focuses on rebuilding the hair and scalp along with restoring hair growth. I was featured in VoyageATL and have won several awards and has earned multiple certifications. 


I became a licensed minister in 2010 and an ordained minister in 2014. With a passion to see individuals received everything God has for them, I became the founder of No Flaws Movement, which is a spiritual ambulance used by God to restore individuals back to Christ. My greatest passion is to help rebuild, restore, and revitalize individuals into awareness of who they are and help shift them into who God created them to be. 


After noticing a need in the marketplace for healing. I decided to combine ministry with business. I am a certified Professional and Christian Life Coach. I assist solopreneurs with identifying, understanding, and growing their personal and professional brand God's way. Working as a Legal Shield agent has allowed me to assist clients with their business foundation, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and personal will and trust.  

Embracing my generational legacy, has opened doors beyond what I could imagine. Pulling my family out of poverty and rental to embrace wealth, entrepreneurship, and ownership the way God intended. Allowing me to help shift other individuals into who they were originally created to be.

Let's discover who you were created to be...

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