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Orange Couch

Coaching with Brandy

Work with Brandy Jones-Mack exclusively in her private one on one coaching sessions.

Brand Debrief Coaching

You must do the hard thing! it's time to identify what is holding you back and bring you into awareness of who you are by affirming your identity and vision.

Branding with Brandy

God. Identity. Focus. These three foundational pieces will help you understand the language of your brand so that your brand vision will have clarity and purpose. Let's get rid of the fog. Your brand, God's way!

Spiritual Coaching

You are everything God created you to be! But now it is time to be rebuilt, restored, and revitalized through biblical principles and spiritual growth strategies.


"Brandy Jones-Mack has made a major impact on my life. She is authentic in who she is and what she is delivering. When coaching, she definitely tells me what the Father is saying and will break it down for my understanding. What I enjoy about being coached by her is that she doesn't just give me the answers I have to put in the work. I am definitely thankful to have a life coach who takes the time to understand and help develop me back to what God created me to be."

-Emeshia Dirton

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